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Care for California

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Creating new paths for California's disabled community.

Rest Areas are the backbone of California’s Department of Transportation. They are a place where the community can rest and get a breath of fresh air. Whether people are stopping to catch a beautiful view or just passing through, the Rest Areas in California are a place of refuge—for both visitors and the individuals servicing them.


On January 1, 1995 the state of California enacted the Streets and Highway codes (SHC 223)  that encourages the employment of individuals with disabilities to operate and work all rest areas in California. It also incentivizes The Department of Transportation by allowing them to bypass the bid process!


This piece of Legislation was written to improve the quality of services being done at the Rest Areas and give individuals with a disability a place to thrive. In California, 75% of individuals with disabilities battle unemployment, and 71% of that demographic are seeking to find long-term employment. Not only is there a huge labor force excited to work but they consistently prove to provide a high quality of service. We have seen this community take great pride in everything they do and continually give their very best. 


“Care for California'' has a mission of restoring all rest area services to Qualified Programs and giving those jobs back to people who want them the most. By the end of 2024, we aim to have employed 100+ individuals in the disability community through rest area service contracts.


Join us in our Care for California Initiative and help change lives!

The Care for California Thermometer

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We are 24% of the way to our goal!
Help us reach our goal of 100 individuals with disabilities employed through California Rest Area Services!

Let's Care for California - together!

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