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Care for California

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Creating new paths for California's disabled community.

At Signature Business Consulting (SBC), we are passionate about our mission to support the  rehabilitation community, and we aim to enlighten Californians about the benefits of employing individuals with disabilities. To achieve this, we are launching our new campaign, Care for California, with the goal of employing 100 individuals with disabilities in California by the end of 2024. Our mission is to return jobs to those who truly want and need them the most, making a meaningful difference in the lives of California's disabled community.


In 1974, California introduced the "State Use" law, outlined in the State Contracting Manual (SCM) under the Welfare Institution Codes 19403 and 19404 (WIC 19403 and 19404) This law was created with a noble purpose – to provide jobs for disadvantaged individuals facing employment  barriers.


These codes are designed to encourage government agencies to buy goods and services without bid from Community based Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) employing individuals with disabilities. This approach aimed to integrate individuals with disabilities into society, by  generating employment opportunities to an underserved population. Many other states followed this initiative, with approximately 35 states implementing their own version of the "State Use" contracting process to advocate for individuals with disabilities while also reducing the unemployment rate.


Unfortunately, California's “State Use” efforts to achieve its desired result is losing momentum and becoming vastly underutilized.  Shockingly, the unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities still remains around 75%, and among those nearly 71% want to work but are not given the opportunity. The rehabilitation community serves one of the most underrepresented populations and is desperately seeking jobs.    


California's “State Use” contracting process is a powerful solution to the rehabilitation unemployment crisis. Which is why we believe there is hope for California’s “State Use” and employment for individuals with disabilities.  


Through "Care for California - Creating new paths for California's disabled community," we envision a future where everyone has equal opportunities, and individuals with disabilities are empowered to be an integral part of our vibrant society. Join us in this heartfelt endeavor to create a more inclusive and compassionate community for all.

The Care for California Thermometer

We are 39% of the way to our goal!
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Help us reach our goal of 100 individuals with disabilities employed through "State Use!"

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