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Government Agency
"State Use" Education

Directly negotiate and bypass the advertised bid process with State Use!

Our expertise is in procuring goods and service contracts without bid (WIC 19403-19404) and assisting government agencies in gaining competitive pricing. By connecting with SBC, your department will gain access to a statewide network of qualified CRPs and certified DVBEs with a wide variety of goods and services.  

SBC’s statewide network of qualified rehabilitation programs and certified DVBEs creates access to qualifications and certifications offering a multitude of services:

  • Total Food Management Services

  • Total Facility Maintenance Services/Cleaning Services

  • Construction Services

  • Total Landscape Management Services

  • Environment Cleaning Services (hospitals, Medical Facilities) 

  • Specialty Disinfection Cleaning Services (Prisons, Jails, Probation Facilities) 

  • And so much more…  

Check out who's utilizing state use!

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