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Celebrating 2 new roadside rest area contracts!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We are excited to announce that we have secured two new safety roadside rest area (SRRA) contracts: Coalinga and Buttonwillow!

We want to thank our partner, the Lincoln Training Center, for working with us through the process and fitting twelve individuals with disabilities to jobs that fulfill these contracts.

These contracts came out of Caltrans and will employ twelve individuals with living wages for three years, possibly more with the help of state-use! State-use contracts provide great opportunities for individuals with special needs to transition into full-time employment roles. SRRA contracts are designed in many ways to employ the disability community for a more long-term duration.

Many private employment opportunities for disabled individuals are short-term, meaning many individuals have long waiting periods between employment. We are always excited to find jobs that keep individuals employed for an extended period, providing a sense of security, sustainability, and meaning. Our goals are in long-term, life-changing connections. These connections often come in the form of SRRA contracts that not only serve those employed under it, but also all those benefitting from the infrastructure projects!

At SBC, we've been running into a common problem of having too many contracts and too few partners. We find ourselves limited in our ability to make a difference in the employment of individuals with special needs by our finite resources. If you are part of a rehabilitation organization that seeks to serve those with disabilities, please connect with us so that we can work together in serving this community.

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