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The Signature Team hits the road for site visits!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Among SBC's services, a company favorite is our annual site visits to SRRA locations for quality assurance.

While site visits are often spread out throughout the year in various locations in California, sales representative Zach and marketing director Ana noticed a clump of rest area contracts on the map and decided to make a road trip out of it!

SBC is currently maintaining 30 Safety Roadside Rest Area contracts (SRRA) in California. On Zach and Ana's trip, they visited five of the SRRA sites: White Water, Cactus City, Desert Oasis, Clyde V. Kane, and John Wilkie. Through these 5 sites we are employing 27 individuals with disabilities!

Zach and Ana found all of the sites to be in wonderful condition and were excited to run into some of the staff at work. Some benefits of getting on the road and out of the office are seeing contracts at work and the excellence at which they are being carried out. We saw some employees repping in their Lincoln Training Center shirts!

At John Wilkie Rest Area, there's a memorial plaque explaining John Wilkie's mission as a CalTrans Highway Superintendent for the Needles Area to increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. John's values, along with those of other CalTrans leaders, greatly impacted CalTrans's initiatives such as "Roads as Bridges to employment." CalTrans's mission's alignment with SBC's mission is what makes our partnership flourish. With CalTrans's goal to employ individuals with disabilities and SBC's network of rehabilitation and training programs, we are able to employ persons with disabilities all over California through SRRA contracts.

For more information on SRRA contracts, SBC services, or the mission to employ individuals with special needs, visit our website or connect with us!

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